100 Days Of Stop Motion

For this years 100 Day Challenge I chose to learn and practice something I have been interested in for a while: stop motion animation. Each day I animated a 1-inch paper box doing or being various things. The proverbial box I created around this work helped me to focus on crafting a narrative each day and to learn how elements move naturally. This is a compiled reel of all 100 days to see how I progressed over those few months.

To see each individual day check out my Instagram!

My Process

My set up was simple: a white sheet of paper on a few IKEA containers, one single light with a tracing paper diffuser, and my old iPad synced to my camera. I kept the look consistent though all 100 days so I didn’t have to fuss over the scene/lighting/angles at the start of each day which allowed me to focus on the concept.

A Peek Behind The Curtain

I wanted to share some images to show the process behind making some of these animations. Each day and concept came with unique problems to solve, usually around rigging or how I would hold something in place. A little mystery is fun, but seeing the cogs in a watch is equally beautiful.